Apprenticeship training

The promotion of young talent is a key concern for JOANNEUM RESEARCH.


JOANNEUM RESEARCH is aware of its responsibilities as a regional employer and is highly committed to the field of apprenticeship training. The training provided for apprentices at JOANNEUM RESEARCH is both challenging and professional with a high quality of content. Apprenticeship training at JOANNEUM RESEARCH gives young people optimal preparation to pursue a successful career in Styrian industry.


Among other advantages we offer our apprentices:

  • extensive practical training
  • participation in the internal competence development programme
  • apprenticeships that include of university entrance exams
    Apprentices are given the opportunity to attend the university entrance exams preparation course as a special concession and to promote successful learning. When they complete the first module of the university entrance exams with positive results, they can attend the next learning module during work time.
  • practical work abroad (depending on specific provisions available for apprentices)
  • acknowledgement for outstanding performance during the apprenticeship examinations
Apprentice- ship professions

JOANNEUM RESEARCH offers training for the following apprenticeship professions:

  • Mechatronics – Medical Device Technology
  • Mechatronics – Automation Technology
  • Information Technology / Engineering
  • Biochemistry laboratory technician
  • Chemistry laboratory technician
  • Physics laboratory technician
  • Office administration