Master’s thesis

We have a topic suitable for a Master’s thesis:

Security in IoT protocols by using model checkers


The Internet of Things connects physical devices not only with the Internet but also with other IoT devices. With the increase of IoT devices and their requirements, there are a lot of different network protocols in use (e.g. Bluetooth, Zigbee, MQTT, Z-Wave, …). In order to evaluate the security of the used protocols, a formal verification approach is needed.


This thesis focuses on formally verifying a selected IoT protocol. In a first step, security properties which have to be checked in a later stage have to be defined. Next, two model checkers are selected in order to verify the protocol. Then, models according to the requirements for the selected model checkers are created and used as input for them. The results are then analyzed. There, the usability of the model checker, its advantages and restrictions for the selected protocol are considered. Moreover, the results of verification or falsification are considered in detail. In case of falsification possible improvements are given.

Required skills
  • Knowledge in computer networks (TCP/IP, OSI model) and network security
  • Cyber security background
  • Basic knowledge in IoT concepts (preferable)
  • Knowledge about model checkers (preferable)
  • Programming skills
  • Willing to write publication

Starting: December 2020 (negotiable)

Duration: 6 month

Cooperation/University: JOANNEUM RESEARCH offers interested students cooperations with all Austrian but also European or non-European educational institutions and is willing to assist you looking for a supervisor, if necessary.


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Subject: DIG Masterthesis – „Security in IoT protocols by using model checkers“

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