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Children and research

Research, with all its countless results and effects, is only one of many elements  in our daily lives. The results of this research appear in cough medicine and mobile phones, in robust, weatherproof outdoor jackets and computers, in toy cars and real ones. Research is exciting, but  can also be exhausting. Having the opportunity to discover new things and investigate all the details  is always extraordinarily good fun. Studies in company such as JOANNEUM RESEARCH are carried out every single day with the aim of making life better and simpler. Technologies for transport, safety, water, energy, laser production, lighting systems and medical technology are only a few examples of our scientific work.

Providing children with insights into this work and the everyday lives of people engaged in research is vital. As the largest non-university research institute in Styria, we regard it as a highly significant responsibility to inform the general public and,  in particular, children about the meaning and importance of research.

Titelbild des Minibuchs Forscherfuchs und Schlaue Maus, Erneuerbare Energien
Mini books

Forscherfuchs und Schlaue Maus (Researcher Fox and Smart Mouse)

The Styrian innovation team has gained two new experts! Researcher Fox and Smart Mouse are the protagonists in the new children’s books from JOANNEUM RESEARCH and ECO World Styria.  The books for children (appropriate for ages 5-10), explain Smart Bulidings, Green Mobility, Recycling and more. In addition, some useful, concise information on the subject of “Children & Science in Graz“ is provided.



  • We are pleased to provide child care organization and primary schools with free copies of our book free of charge. Please contact our “Public Relations & Marketing” department (PRM) at prm@joanneum.at.

Open house

We are happy to organize tours or visits for interested schools. Exciting are our laboratories (eg the Water Laboratory), the technical or the listening room. In Weiz, there is much to see for children: all about the latest lighting techniques, the only roll-to-roll printing facility in Europe in the nanometer range, a clean room and much more.

Contact: prm@joanneum.at