Diversity and gender-mainstreaming

Protection from discrimination, a principle that is already embedded in the research collective agreement, is a vital milestone for promoting diversity and gender-mainstreaming in the Austrian non-university research landscape. Diversity, equal opportunity and the promotion of women are all important corporate policy principles for JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH has established measures to promote equal opportunities for women and men as part of its gender-mainstreaming strategy. The measures introduced so far include, for example, the more gender-sensitive use of language. Cyclical analyses of human resources data, taking account aspects of gender, will be conducted in the future. One example would be examining the composition of teams in research projects at JOANNEUM RESEARCH. Through the use and development of these measures, along with  structured management training, employees will become aware of the numerous advantages that gender-mainstreaming brings to science and research.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH strives to invite a higher proportion of women to join the scientific and technical personnel in order to increase the innovation potential of the company. For this reason, we are regular participants of information events such as Girls’ Day or FIT – Women in Technology. These events generate enthusiasm for science and technology among girls at school or women in further education. We offer women the opportunity to gather their first professional experiences in the field during their training, e.g., in FEMtech practical internships, or start a career in research and technology after the completion of their studies.