Networking Tasks

JOANNEUM RESEARCH acts as an active node in national and international research networks. The research institution is a professional problem-solver for technically complex research and innovation projects, making it the preferred contact point for many companies and an important hub within the research and innovation system. The research network facilitates access to a broad range of international expertise.




  • is an active node in an international research network of universities, universities of applied sciences, research facilities, innovative technology organisations and companies,
  • plays a strong role as a consultant and interface between  science, business and the public sector,
  • secures excellence in research, innovation and development based on clear strategies for cooperation with universities, universities of applied sciences and other higher education institutions,
  • acts as a customer interface to support the international presentation and market entry of companies by establishing vital connections to international networks,
  • uses its international research network to provide complete solutions,
  • maintains strategic collaborations with institutions and companies,
  • cooperates with the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW) and the Austrian Science Fund (FWF).