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International activities

The international activities of JOANNEUM RESEARCH are tied to long-term development in Europe, i.e., the “United States of Europe”. This project toward a united Europe is an essential step that will enable the continent to hold its own against future global competition. The national states of Europe and their combined population of over 500 million are challenged at many different levels to initiate intensive cooperation, particularly in science, research and development. Ultimately, this requires the development of innovative products, services and processes. Logically, innovation is also core of Europe's 2020-strategy. 

With this in mind, international relationships lend Styria a high level of quality and critical political competitiveness. The consequent globalisation of research activities, according to experience, is closely related with the aspiration to the pursuit of quality and excellence of the scientific work and innovation.

Austria is a country with a successful industrial and export economy and is highly dependent on the success of its exports. International research and development projects make significant contributions to the achievement of scientific and technological standards in the international research community. These are essential for the development of technologies, processes and products of a global market standard.

International cooperation makes (new) access to (fundamental) knowledge possible. It provides a clear view of current and emerging trends and opens up new ways to achieve solutions. It also strengthens the reputation and the image of the participating institution or company. This positive positioning opens the door to even more opportunities.

The international research and development projects and the outstanding networks make an important contribution in terms of content and of economic success to the corporate development of JOANNEUM RESEARCH.

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is highly committed to internationally active corporations that also maintain a presence in Austria. Practical experience has demonstrated the value of these cooperative efforts.  These were initiated as part of EU projects or research commissions and are continued as bilateral research and development projects.

Instruments developed at JOANNEUM RESEARCH are familiar all over the world and in daily use. These include the 2D-Video-Distrometer, a special high precision rain gauge that is capable of measuring separate particles (rain drops, hail stones, sleet, snowflakes). Customers using this device are in the USA (including NASA), Canada, China, and Taiwan. Furthermore, licensed technologies from JOANNEUM RESEARCH are in extensive use and marketed globally.

The most important supports for the globalisation of JOANNEUM RESEARCH are the:

  • use of European Union programmes
  • cooperation with export-oriented companies in Styria
  • cooperation with international companies
  • work on programmes and projects from the European Space Agency
  • membership in international organisations
  • use of institutional and personal international networks
  • cooperation with Austrian institutions and the public sector on specific issues
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