the innovation company


Mission statement


JOANNEUM RESEARCH heightens the competitiveness of South-East-Austria as a research, innovation and business location through its activities in applied research and technology development, complying with the mandate from its shareholders.



Firmly embedded in the national and international scientific and research landscapes, JOANNEUM RESEARCH assumes responsibility for the key tasks:

Innovation, networking and knowledge transfer

JOANNEUM RESEARCH also works together in close coordination and cooperation with companies and institutions, universities and universities of applied sciences, institutes of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and with public authority representatives.


The corporate activities are aimed toward these benchmarks:

  • Highest scientific quality to achieve the greatest economic effectiveness.
  • Constant renewal and evaluation of the research portfolio taking into account and including the current results of fundamental research, the market developments and the evolving needs of society.
  • Ensuring the scientific excellence and performance of an innovative and committed team of employees by offering carefully planned and targeted post-graduate measures. These are in line with the JOANNEUM RESEARCH competence development concept and help to create qualified employment opportunities.
  • Active transfer of the available know-how into the economy, i. e. marketing of highly developed technologies, processes and products.
  • Intensifying communication and cooperation among researchers and between researchers and industry, the public and both university and non-university research facilities in the European research landscape.
  • Continued dedication to equal opportunities as a leading corporate policy objective against a background of social diversity. Shouldering responsibility as the leading Austrian enterprise for extramural research.
  • JOANNEUM RESEARCH assumes a role of great importance among the non-university research facilities in Austria in the context of research ethics and technology. It is well aware of its exemplary role and societal responsibility.
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