Events within the scope of the ERW 2016
The Long Night of Robots on the 25th November, 2016 Guest lecture on the topic “Robotics & Prosthetics” on the 29th November, 2016
 Man holds his hand to the robot
The ROBOTICS TRAINING CENTER gets started in the end of April with advanced training in the field of robotics
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From 17.-21. July the Medical University of Graz hosts the International Summer School for Wound Management under the organisation of Univ.-Prof. Dr.…
ReCAP at US Broadcast Tradeshow NAB
DIGITAL presents automatic metadata extraction in Las Vegas (April 24-27, 2017)
Mobile and social media are important communication channels for radio
The Smart Media Solutions Team part of the research group Connected Computing of DIGITAL has won two projects investigating future entertainment…
€1m EU grant to create Real-time Content Analysis and Processing (ReCAP) platform
JOANNEUM RESEARCH DIGITAL is a partner in the project "Real-Time Content Analysis and Processing (ReCAP)", funded by the European Union's Horizon 2020…
A Day in the Life of a Mars Rover Driver
What does the Mars Rover Curiosity need to know to ensure safe and well-targeted operations once the Rover is left on its own for several hours in the…
A partnership for cyber security in Europe
JOANNEUM RESEARCH joins the European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO)
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Dermal open flow microperfusion a patented sampling system developed at HEALTH is used in the development of new bioequivalence tests. Recently…
Longevity elixir spermidine also has a protective effect on the heart muscle
A new sensational discovery of the international autophagy research team with the participation of JOANNEUM RESEARCH can be reported. Under the…
26th International Alzheimer Conference in Copenhagen
Styrian delegation presenting the research project AktivDaheim
5th International Workshop on On-Board Payload Data Compression
DIGITAL presented results for ExoMars 2020 mission preparation in ESA Workshop
DIGITAL at MTWE 2016 in Madrid
DIGITAL presenting software solutions for Camera-based Visibility Analysis and Weather Radar Analysis and its Video Distrometers at the leading…
VidiCert and ICoSOLE at IBC 2016
DIGITAL presented two of its leading technologies: VidiCert & ICoSOLE at the IBC 2016, the largest European trade show for broadcast technologies.
New glucose sensor technology

Health |

New glucose sensor technology

First clinical trial of an optical single-port glucose sensor on a commercial insulin infusion set
PanCam Science Team Meeting 2016
JOANNEUM RESEARCH hosted the annual PanCam Science Team Meeting.
EUPVSEC 2016 in Munich
More than 1.000 experts from 90 countries took part in the 32. European PV Solar Energy Conference from June 20 to 24, 2016 . For the first time LIFE…
Smart Grids Week 2016

Life |

Smart Grids Week 2016

Decentralized Digital Energy Systems
Cooperation with meo Smart Home Energy
The LIFE- Center for Climate, Energy and Society just started a long term cooperation with meo SMART HOME Energy. Our joint target is the quick…
VidiCert and ICOSOLE at NAB 2016
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Digital presented VidiCert 3.1 at the NAB show in Las Vegas.

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Produce and Preserve your Essence in Highest Quality
v.l.n.r.: DI Dr. Lucas Paletta (DIG); David Kirschner, MSc; DI Mathias Brandstötter; DIin Rosemarie Velik (ROB)

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From 21.-23.03.2016 the 07th “European Robotics Forum” (ERF), which has become the most influential annual meeting of the European Robotics Community,…
Gold Paper Award

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Gold Paper Award

“Best Paper Award" at the ACE 2015 (12th International Conference on Advances in Computer Entertainment Technology 2015)
International Standard for Multimedia Preservation Finalised
DIGITAL is leading contributor to MPEG Multimedia Preservation Application Format
Gunnar Libiseller wins research prize "Ing. F. Schmiedl Forschungspreis 2014/2015"
Dr. Gunnar Libiseller (Institute HEALTH) received the „Ing. F. Schmiedl Forschungspreis 2014/2015" on November 10th, 2015. Together with statisticians…
New Tools for Online Research – EU Project EEXCESS Releases Four New Prototypes
The new software makes exactly those special resources available to the users that fit their profile and their current search history. For this,…
Belgian Delegation visited ROBOTICS
On the occasion of the opening event for the new building B11 as well the Jubilee from the Lakeside Science and Technology Park on October 07th, 2015…
Stand at the BeSt
In the context of the BeSt  (The Job, Training and Education Fair)  mid of October in Graz, the  speeddating event organized by “fti…remixed” enabled…
DIGITAL presents Video Quality Assessment
JOANNEUM RESEARCH Video QC on Europe‘s largest tradeshow. IBC is the largest European trade show for broadcast technologies. Again, this year DIGITAL…
3D-Measurements at more than 1000 degrees celsius
The new measuring method reduces energy consumption and increases safety in the production of very hot objects.
ICoSOLE & Dranouter – Research Meets Music Festival
The Dranouter music festival offers more than a pair of ears and eyes are able to hear and see. Through the media platform created by the ICoSOLE…
ROBOTICS received Best Paper Award
Mathias Brandstötter, Prof. Dr. Michael Hofbaur (JOANNEUM RESEARCH) and Christoph Gruber (UMIT) received the Best Paper Award in Research at „3rd…
The Netherlands visit Graz

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The Netherlands visit Graz

Visit of Hanze University of Applied Sciences School of Health Care Studies and Centre of Expertise Healthy Ageing in Graz
Untargeted Metabolomics
Untargeted metabolomics screens biological samples for low weight molecules to identify new compounds and discover potential biomarkers. But the…
Kick-off to the first ROBOTICS project
The first project managed by ROBOTICS was launched in January 2015. “CollRob - Collaborative Robotics” is carried out in cooperation with the…
JOANNEUM RESEARCH helps preserve German film heritage
Films by Rainer Werner Fassbinder and Ula Stöckl, restored with "DIAMANT-Film Restoration" at the ARRI Meet & Greet @ Berlinale 2015.



On 17.11. JOANNEUM RESEARCH – jointly with OECD, BIAC and OiER - organized a workshop of the OECD’s TIP working group at the premises of JOANNEUM in…
OpendTect plugin for the calculation of three-dimensional GLCM-based attributes
The grey level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) and its derived attributes are an important tool for the automatic interpretation of digital images.
JOANNEUM RESEARCH at the  "11th International Conference on Mobile and Ubiquitous Systems: Computing, Networking and Services" 2014 in London
DIGITAL presents a brandnew app: "My places diary" prevents burn-out. The app will be demonstrated at the top tier conference Mobiquitous 2014.
FLASHED - Transparent sensor surface for tablet computers
The Institute of Surface Technologies and Photonics of JOANNEUM RESEARCH in Austria developed in collaboration with the University of Applied Sciences…
Student competition in Schladming
"Schladming GeoExplorer" and "Light Miners" - pervasive games in use for tourism.
JOANNEUM RESEARCH at IBC - the International Broadcasting Convention
We have the pleasure to participate in IBC the International Broadcasting Convention.