4th IoT Congress: Time-aware analytics in the Industrial Internet of Things

DIGITAL presented application examples in industrial environments and gave an overview of time-aware analytics in the field of maintenance.

Comet Project: Dependable, secure and time-aware sensor networks. Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH


On November 4th 2020, the 4th IoT Congress of Austrian Standards with its motto "With standards into the future" took place ‑ for the first time as an online event. The congress was dedicated to the key technologies of the future that rely on artificial intelligence (AI). After the keynote by Professor Dr. Hilda Tellioğlu, best practices were on the itinerary for about 180 participants, including security by design, artificial intelligence, industry 4.0, IoT, predictive maintenance, open innovation, tracking and other topics.

The lockdown resulting from the coronavirus pandemic has triggered an unexpected digitalization boom: innovative IoT automation is becoming even more important. In times of increased use of digital tools, user needs have not been considered enough in the development of new solutions. This technology-relevant aspect became the central issue of the congress under the motto "User-Centered Design". It had been marked as a future standard that will become an integrated part of software development. "Sustainable and acceptable products are only created, if people are staying at the centre of innovation and development right from the beginning," said keynote speaker Hilda Tellioğlu.


The institute DIGITAL is a recognized expert in the field of connected intelligent sensor systems and is a partner in numerous national and European research projects and initiatives for the optimization of industrial processes. Herwig Zeiner, Key Researcher of the research group "Connected Computing", contributed to the congress with his presentation on "Time-aware Analysis in the Industrial Internet of Things based on the examples of practical industrial use cases". He reported on the results of current research projects that enable companies to increase their efficiency and optimize security standards. In his presentation, he pointed out the importance of precise objectives, strategy development and the application of self-optimization principles.