CRO Services

CRO Services: Service Provider for Research Projects

CRO Services

HEALTH is involved in medical research and research disciplines related to medicine and positions itself at the interface between technology and medicine.

What does CRO mean?

CRO is a term commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. It stands for Contract or Clinical Research Organisation, i.e. a service provider for research projects. HEALTH positions itself as a CRO and offers customised solutions in the early phase of drug development in cooperation with various local and international partners. We combine scientific expertise with service orientation and high quality standards (GLP/GCP).

As a CRO, we compare, for example, different formulation approaches for topical products or conduct preclinical and clinical phase 1 studies to test the pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics of new active substances. For this purpose, we also operate a laboratory where we develop, optimise and validate the analytical measurement methods. All data are processed by us according to international standards and reported in formats suitable for official use.

Who benefits from the services of the HEALTH Institute?

HEALTH supports its clients, which include pharmaceutical, biotech and medtech companies as well as start-ups and universities. We focus on the areas of dermatology, metabolic research and neurology.