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Dr Martin Smolka of MATERIALS

In the Spotlight is the specialist for the field of microfluidics, especially for so-called lab-on-a-foil systems.

Martin Smolka is a specialist in the field of microfluidics, in particular for so-called lab-on-a-foil systems.

Martin Smolka...

...  from the MATERIALS Institute in Weiz is a specialist in the field of microfluidics, especially for so-called lab-on-a-foil systems, which are used, for example, for rapid on-site measurements in food and environmental analysis or medical diagnostics. 

The physicist and materials scientist is coordinating the EU project with 21 European partners and about 15 million euros in total funding. Soon, so-called minilabs of film-based microfluidics for rapid diagnostics - for example for COVID-19 - can go into large-scale production. 

With the H2020 project "NextGenMicrofluidics", an Open Innovation Test Bed, a new EU format similar to pilot lines, was awarded to a consortium coordinated by JOANNEUM RESEARCH. The Open Innovation Test Bed thus offers the complete value chain for the development and production of microfluidic systems. This ranges from design, simulation, assay development, material development and biofunctionalisation to production and quality assurance.

As a one-stop shop for this unique range of technologies, the Open Innovation Test Bed offers its customers the advantage of a fast and cost-effective transition of new diagnostic or analytical concepts into market-ready products. 

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