In the Spotlight: Dr. Martin Zirkl of MATERIALS

In the Spotlight: Dr. Martin Zirkl

Martin Zirkl, Forscher bei Joanneum Research Forschungsgesellschaft. Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Schwarzl

Dr. Martin Zirkl …

... is a specialist for ferroelectric polymer sensors and project manager for the implementation of new infrastructure at MATERIALS Institute in Weiz. Recently, the new drying and poling machine for sensors, which is unique worldwide, has been put into operation. The drying and poling machine for large-area printed sensors contributes to the quality inspection and improvement of sensors applied to films. This opens up new possibilities for business and industry for innovative, future-proof sensor technologies and products.

"Our latest research into the screen printing processes used to manufacture the sensors has shown that sensor sensitivity and quality is much more dependent than previously assumed on the details of the drying and poling processes of the sensors, which follow directly after the sensor manufacturing process," says Zirkl, summarising the importance of the new infrastructure.