3 Questions for Julia Fink, BSc MSc …

3 Questions for Julia Fink! Research associate at COREMED - Cooperative Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the ZWT in Graz.

Julia Fink
Julia Fink, Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Schwarzl

What is your research area about?

Together with my colleagues and in cooperation with the Department of Plastic, Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Medical University of Graz, I am researching fundamental mechanisms of wound healing on different models, on the one hand using cell cultures and on the other hand with fresh skin implants. With the knowledge gained from this, our goal is to contribute to the development of new products and therapies.

What is the larger context of this research?

In a steadily ageing society, wound healing disorders are a problem of increasing scope, which also has far-reaching consequences for our health care system. Therefore, it is becoming increasingly important to use preclinical models to find new innovative therapeutic approaches to counteract this problem in the long term.

How did you originally come to your subject?

My interest in regenerative medicine was already sparked during my Bachelor's degree in "Biomedical Analytics", which is why I subsequently completed the Master's degree in "Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine". During this training, I learned to cultivate different types of tissue in the laboratory and to apply current methods.