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The Netherlands visit Graz

Visit of Hanze University of Applied Sciences School of Health Care Studies and Centre of Expertise Healthy Ageing in Graz

v.l.n.r.: Maria Fellner, Peter Boonstra, Henk Willemsen, Christopher Drexler, Wolfgang Pribyl Foto: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Landesrat Mag. Christopher Drexler welcomed our guests Peter Boonstra (Centre of Expertise Healthy Ageing) and Henk Willemsen (Hanze University of Applied Sciences School of Health Care Studies) at the opening of the meeting at JOANNEUM RESEARCH.
The meeting on experts level focused on exchanging experience on research and best practices in the fields of healthy ageing and ambient assisted living, looking for possibilities for further cooperation with the institutes DIGITAL, HEALTH and POLICIES.

DIGITAL is coordinator of three new projects funded by the programme benefit of FFG: 

  • RegionAAL - AAL test region in Graz-Leibnitz-Deutschlandsberg 
  • AktivDaheim - Playful Empowerment of People with Dementia Using Multimodal Training and Intelligent Interaction 
  • BarLiberty - Barrier-Free Communication and Navigation for Elderly People in Public Buildings

The three projects involve in total 10 partners and institute HEALTH and cover a budget of more than 2 Mio EURs.