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Planning and development of health care processes

We assist healthcare decision-makers and service providers in the development, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of integrated patient-based health care processes. We can improve the visibility and functioning of your services in diagnostic, therapeutic, care and rehabilitation settings thus helping you to improve your role and performance as a healthcare provider, support organization, hospital, insurance agency, medical association, clinic, or doctor in a private practice.

Reference projects

Regional Structural Plan for Health Styria 2011

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Creation of a chronic care model in Mürztal

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Evaluation of targeted and standardized information campaign for physicians of the AOK in Hessen

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Code of Conduct

JOANNEUM RESEARCH is mostly owned by the provincial authorities of Styria and is not profit-driven i.e. it is exclusively based on non-profit-oriented aims.

In our work, we place great emphasis on the application of scientifically established and well-founded methods and the generation of independent results, drawn from its principles of objectivity and science.

We continually seek to improve health systems both within Austria and other countries and consider ourselves answerable to the interests of the wider society as a whole. In particular, we seek to represent the interests of patients in the best way possible and focus the aim of its proposals, expertise and analyses on the highest benefit to the wider society.

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