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Planning of health care structures and processes

Planning of health care processes

Planning new health care processes or improving existing health care processes must ensure the highest benefit for both, patients and service providers. At the same time, processes must be kept as efficient as possible. To achieve this delicate balance, it is important to be aware of interactions between different sectors along with the varying tasks and qualifications of players involved. Models of integrated care do just that by helping to make explicit and break through barriers between sectors. An assessment of feasibility and practicality must be made before any new processes are introduced into the health care system.


Our services

  • Establishment of health care networks within and between sectors
  • Development of evidence-based clinical treatment paths
  • Development of specific program components based on the evidence (e.g., patient education)
  • Development of standardized documentation (e.g. checklists) and corresponding supporting software (e.g. benchmarking, feedback systems)
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