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Planning and development of health care processes

Planning of health care structures

Development means change. The continuing development of the health care system can only be successful when existing healthcare structures are investigated, critically analysed and improved, where necessary. We support you in these efforts by using contemporary methods of planning patient-care structures based on actual activity data and knowledge of health care services provided to patients in both in-patient, out-patient and primarycare. In addition, we support planning for special requirements such as those imposed by patient rehabilitation and care, as well as the installation / removal of large pieces of medical-technical equipment. Our ultimate goal is to increase the overall efficiency of health care processes whilst offering the maximum benefit to patients and service providers.


Our services

  • Analysis of patient-care structures and associated inter-sectoral interfaces
  • Information collection: interviews, questionnaires, Delphi panels
  • International comparisons via systematic literature reviews and analysis of publically available data
  • Identification of improvement potential


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