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Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Early Assessment of New Technologies and Products

Analytical skills combined with a broad knowledge base and portfolio of methods are needed to assess technology in a standardized, reproducible manner, taking into account numerous influential factors which determine success. Together with our network of medical and business experts we can support you with the evaluation of your new technology, product, or service ideas and assessment of its marketability, medical benefits, and reimbursement options while still in the development phase.


Our services

Using precise, goal-oriented methods, we prepare an information package that provides a solid platform from which you can make decisions about your future projects. We carefully consider the following factors:

  • Medical indications and clinical need
  • Early assessment of clinical benefits
  • Market trends and alternative competitive technologies
  • Reimbursement options
  • Patents – strategic patent protection options and exclusions
  • Potentials for technological development and performance
  • Technical feasibility of development and production
  • Assessment of impact on administrative and medical procedures and processes
  • Assessment of regulatory expenses and risks
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