Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Medical and Economic Evaluations within the Health Care System

Would you like to know whether your interventions, activities, or programs are effective? We can help you develop customized, practical data collection tools and monitoring methods and conduct evaluations based on the data collected. Alternatively, if you have already collected the data and need help running statistical analyses and interpreting the results retrospectively, we can assist here too.


Our services:


  • Development of research questions / generation of hypotheses
  • Development of customized evaluation ideas and situation-specific study designs
  • Development of practical and efficient methods of data collection
  • Creation of standardized and forms and questionnaires including piloting
  • Conducting interviews and establishing/moderating focus groups
  • Collection and management of study-related data
  • Support for, and maintenance of, large, existing data sets
  • Performance of statistical analyses and interpretation of results
  • Report writing
  • Generation of recommendations related to improvements in health care services


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