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Health Economics & Outcomes Research

Pre-market surveillance and Horizon Scanning

Effectively and strategically positioning new products within the health care sector can assist in establishing a good long-term market position. To support this goal, we offer premarket surveillance, whilst horizon scanning can help in maintaining your long-term position. "Horizon scanning" consists of the systematic and objective collation and analysis of relevant information from demographic, epidemiological, medical and technical sources. This information can help to detect potential competitors, disease trends and possible additional market opportunities in time to effectively position or re-position your product. For established products, we also offer satisfaction surveys among health care personnel and patients, which can generate product suggestions or uncover new areas for development. We, therefore, support you during all phases of product development to assist in positioning your product as effectively as possible.


Our services:

  • Assessment of disease area and developments  
  • Assessment of clinical, epidemiological and demographic trends
  • Assessment of technological developments in specified disease areas
  • Support in future product positioning
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