Microdialysis - a versatile technology to perform metabolic monitoring in diabetes and critically ill patients.

Publication from Health

Mader J., Feichtner F., Bock G., Köhler G., Schaller R., Plank J., Pieber T., Ellmerer M.

Diabetes Research and Clinical Practice 97 (1): 112-118., 2012


Continuous subcutaneous glucose monitoring has been tested in type 1 diabetes (T1D). Since in critically ill patients vascular access is granted vascular microdialysis may be preferential. To test this hypothesis comparative accuracy data for microdialysis applied for peripheral venous and subcutaneous glucose monitoring was obtained in experiments in T1D patients. Twelve T1D patients were investigated for up to 30 h. Extracorporeal vascular (MDv) and subcutaneous microdialysis (MDs) was performed. Microdialysis samples were collected in 15-60 min intervals, analyzed for glucose and calibrated to reference. MDv and MDs glucose levels were compared against reference. Median absolute relative difference was 14.0 (5.0; 28.0)% (MDv) and 9.2 (4.4; 18.4)% (MDs). Clarke Error Grid analysis showed that 100% (MDv) and 98.8% (MDv) were within zones A and B. Extracorporeal vascular and standard subcutaneous microdialysis indicated similar performance in T1D. We suggest microdialysis as a versatile technology for metabolite monitoring in subcutaneous tissue and whole blood.