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Analysis & performance

Evaluation of a Physician Information Campaign


Evaluation of a targeted and standardized physician information campaign by the AOK, Hessen


The AOK in Hessen aimed to achieve more efficient and targeted prescribing by their contract doctors and to improve healthcare quality by reducing polypharmacy and the level of inappropriate prescribing. As a result, a scientifically-based multimedia-supported information campaign was developed to help guide and support behavioral changes among physicians over a period of several years. The information focused on themes relating to the critical appraisal of drugs, how guidelines were considered and implemented and how study results concerning medications were interpreted.

Project goals

The Institute HEALTH was requested to evaluate the results of this information campaign. It conducted a retrospective, controlled, data-based analysis of prescribing behavior, based on millions of records examined in a completely anonymized manner using covariant statistical methods. In particular, temporal trends over certain defined periods were examined, as were different aspects and elements of the information strategy.


It was shown that measures for behavioural change had the biggest effect when concrete information was conveyed several times. Additionally, it was revealed thatt measures for change should be introduced when a related topic is the focus of discussions in professional journals. General information and a limited number of concrete suggestions for behavioral change were proved top be ineffective. A retrospective analysis of such a complex question can only be conducted when large datasets are available. Processing such large datasets is one of the expertise areas of the Institute.


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