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Analysis & performance

RSG Styria 2014

Regional Structural Health Plan for Styria, 2011


Styria has a high density of acute care hospitals, each relatively small and with a relatively high number of beds. In 2011, during an integrated planning process, a plan to shift services from in-patient to day-care treatment and from day-care to outpatient treatment was developed and methodically tested.

Project goals

The entire planning area for the RSG in Styria was redesigned, based on prevailing activity data. The principles of uniformity of care, efficiency and quality improvement and the latter through the establishment of special treatment centers were considered. New care models according to this process were designed for the first time in Austria.


The newly developed activity-based plans resulted in revisions to patient care structures and created a differentiation between general surgery and trauma surgery. In addition, the increased demand for geriatric care was met by capacity expansions. Standard hospitals, which are responsible for general care were introduced for the first time in Austria. According to the new health care models, specialist care in peripheral areas is made available through outpatient areas involving shared facilities adjusted and according to individual needs. This has contributed to significant improvements in specialist care at the local level.

The applied analytical methods are complex and based on all available raw data from individual health care sectors, which allow an extremely flexible and close approximation of actual needs.

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