LIFE shows the way to climate neutrality

From 12 - 14 February 2020, the 16th Symposium on Energy Innovation took place at the Graz University of Technology entitled "ENERGY FOR FUTURE - Paths to Climate Neutrality". The central questions of the conference were whether climate neutrality can be achieved and which infrastructural and energy-economic conditions must be fulfilled on the different paths to achieve this.

(c)Jeannine Schieder

JOANNEUM RESEARCH - LIFE presented its research in the fields of climate-friendly lifestyles, life cycle analysis (LCA) and possible models of energy communities.

Gerfried Jungmeier presented climate-friendly lifestyles and the influence personal decisions may have on achieving climate neutrality regarding the fields of housing, mobility, consumption, leisure and information. Christian Aichberger and Johanna Pucker-Singer spoke on the topic of life cycle analyses and carbon footprint of batteries. The presentations dealt with a collection, evaluation and assessment of the results of LCAs in recent years on the topic of batteries of electric vehicles as well as the carbon footprint and the social impacts of electricity storage in the distribution network. Dorian Frieden presented in his lecture potential models of energy communities and the effects of adapted grid tariff and levy structures. Energy Communities are part of the current climate and energy package of the EU.