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FUTURE OF LIFE - Climate Impacts and Paris Lifestyle

Within the scope of the project "FUTURE OF LIFE - 150 Years Lichtenfelsgymnasium", JR LIFE Director Franz Prettenthaler welcomed 19 students of the BHAK Grazbachgasse in the Science Tower on 27.02.2019 and gave a lecture on "Climate Impacts and Paris Lifestyle".

Students of the BHAK Grazbachgasse and director Franz Prettenthaler at the rooftop terrace of the Science Tower. (c) Michaela Schwarzl
(c) Michaela Schwarzl

Along with the Paris Climate Agreement to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees there comes the question of how to  implement this goal to an almost complete decarbonization of one's own lifestyle. In addition the question of climate change impacts for this temperature target compared to its (probable) excess and the impact in a 2 degree or 3 degree warmer world has to be answered. Questions such as "Will we still be able to ski? What does food production look like in the face of rising climate risks?" were brought up as well as "Which areas of lifestyle bear the most emissions?". This gave rise to a complete picture of the mutual influence in the system “climate / society” among the listeners. The informative morning ended with an impressive view of the City of Graz from the rooftop terrace on the 13th floor.