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On the way to a climate-friendly cycling infrastructure

At the 12th Austrian Cycling Summit in Graz, Judith Köberl (JR LIFE) and Thomas Rath (Bike Citizens) presented a tool to support climate-resistant bicycle traffic planning.

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This is a prototype of a climate service that was developed jointly with the Belgian research institutions VITO and KU Leuven as part of the H2020 project Climate-fit.city. It aims to provide climate information specifically tailored to cycle traffic planning and thus to support efforts to increase the comfort and attractiveness of urban cycling and climate-friendly cycle traffic planning. 

The service uses city climate data together with bicycle traffic data (automatic measuring stations and GPS tracks) to investigate the sensitivity of cyclists in a city to fluctuations in meteorological conditions and to evaluate the current and future climate attractiveness of a city for cycling. Partial aspects of the developed climate service were implemented as new functions in the existing bike traffic analysis tool "Bike Citizens Analytics". This includes the evaluation of cycling intensities and selected routes under different meteorological conditions as well as the presentation of cycling relevant urban climate parameters in a 100 meter resolution. Further information on the results for the pilot city Vienna can be found in the downloadable service report. Currently, the service is also applied to the cities of Bremen and Berlin.