New climate service for cycling planning

JOANNEUM RESEARCH LIFE presented a new climate service, which has been developed in cooperation with the Graz start-up Bike Citizens, to support city and bicycle traffic planning.

New climate service for cycling planning
New climate service for cycling planning
Credit: Michael Kernitzkyi

The prototype, developed in the context of the H2020 project (, shows how sensitively cyclists in Vienna react to meteorological conditions and assesses the climate attractiveness of the city for cycling under current conditions and future climatic conditions. Spatially high-resolution urban climate data from the "UrbClim" model, operated by project coordinator VITO, also allow the identification of streets and squares, which often have unfavorable meteorological conditions for cycling. In order to integrate the generated cycling-relevant climate data into cycling planning, Bike Citizens ( included them in their analysis tool "Bike Citizens Analytics". This allows a detailed evaluation of the weather and climate dependence of cycling, shows adaptation reactions in unfavorable weather conditions and thus allows conclusions on the potential for improvement in the current infrastructure.

In the course of the workshop, the participants from different departments of the City of Vienna had the opportunity to evaluate the usability and applicability of the new climate service for their own activities and to submit suggestions for development and extensions. In this way, valuable suggestions for improvement could be made in order to tailor the climate service to the needs of potential users in the now starting replication phase better.


Contact: Judith Köberl