Research Area

Eco Mobility

Eco-mobility describes a future-proof mobility system that provides needs-based mobility services with maximum system efficiency and renewable fuels.

The mobility of people and goods is an essential part of our economic system. The transport sector is one of the fastest growing sectors in the world and is characterized by the use of fossil fuels (over 95%), making it a key area for a low-carbon society.

The main focus of our research activities in the field of eco-mobility are:

  • Analysis and evaluation of mobility demands and offer
  • Renewable and sustainable fuels: biofuels, electricity and hydrogen
  • Development and integration of new mobility systems
  • Overall scientific assessment and options for action

Our solutions for customers include scientific accompanying research in development, pilot and demonstration projects for eco-mobility in applications of motorized private transport, public transport, smart city logistics for urban freight transport or intralogistics in freight terminals.

In doing so, the sustainability of the environment, economy and society is evaluated on the basis of scientific parameters. In addition to the technical and economic analyzes of innovative mobility systems, the importance of user acceptance and the impact on the future demand for climate-friendly mobility are at the center of our solutions.