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Energy and Bio-Resources

RESOURCES develops systems used for energy supply and conversion as well as the material and energetic use of natural resources. The main goals are to implement renewable energy, reduce energy demand, increase energy efficiency, reduce environmental impact and use natural resources intelligently.

We provide the following services:

  • Consulting and facilitation of innovative industrial processes with the goal of improving sustainability;
  • Advice on matters of trade with reference to CO2 emission certificates;
  • Pilot plant studies for combustion technology;
  • Pilot plant studies for plant drug production and extraction processes;
  • Pilot plant studies to determine substrate biogas yield and quality
  • Carbon modeling for different land use systems and evaluation of their impact on climate change;
  • Consulting in the field of energy and climate policy, creation of climate mitigation plans;
  • Analysis of technologies and services in terms of their environmental impact using life cycle assessment methodology;
  • Preparation of ecological balance sheets;
  • Assessment of conflict risks of projects (KORICheck);
  • Development and evaluation of biorefineries using biogenic resources; and
  • Demonstration and assessment of hydrogen technologies.
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