Research Area

Renewable Power

A fundamental system change in power generation is necessary to limit global warming to a manageable level. To create the transition to a fully renewable and carbon-free electricity supply, a supply network complemented by decentralized renewable electricity generation is of the utmost importance.

The focal points of our research activities in the field of renewable energy are therefore:

  • new technologies (e.g. power storage) and their successful system integration through prospective control components (e.g. weather-based predictive demand and supply side management),
  • the development and comprehensive evaluation of new business models for renewable electricity supply, considering in addition to generation also the needs-based storage in terms of economy, environment and social issues,
  • Development and design of a political and regulatory framework for the development of renewable electricity,
  • Identification of critical system elements and new market actors such as aggregators, which will play a key role in future decentralized energy systems.

Our solutions and insights are developed in international, transdisciplinary projects and discussed and validated with international organizations and stakeholders such as the International Energy Agency (IEA) or the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA).