Research Area

Tourism & Climate

Tourism is one of the most weather- and climate-sensitive economic sectors. The current tourist offer of regions has evolved along regional strengths. But it is becoming increasingly clear that the regional conditions are subject to a climate change-induced change process. Only those actors who deal with this topic at an early stage and act accordingly can seize opportunities and master the challenges.

The focus of our research activities in the area of ​​tourism & climate is therefore on:

  • the systematic analysis and modeling of weather and climate sensitivity at the level of tourism regions and individual tourism enterprises (calculation of the specific climate risk),
  • the development of qualified measures for the mitigation and adaptation of climate risks in order to increase the resilience of regions and companies,
  • the provision of customized climate services to support ongoing monitoring, short-term as well as long-term operational dispositions and regional tourism policies, as well as the assessment of climate-related investment projects.

The toolbox WEDDA®, developed by LIFE, offers site-specific weather risk analyzes, the generation of weather-adjusted success indicators and ongoing demand forecasts (sales, visitors). The WEDDA-4CPI (WEDDA for climate proof investment) extension helps assess 'climate-proof' investments.