Research Area

Urban LIFE


The urban space is subject to a continuous concentration process. Optimizing energy, reducing emissions, adapting to climate change and rebuilding the economy and society as a result of changing lifestyles and changing values ​​are among the current challenges for a "city of the future" or "smart city".

Therefore the research area "Urban LIFE" is based on our transdisciplinary know-how and many years of experience in national and international projects on a sustainable urban or spatial organization and the pursuit of a "good life".

The focus of our research and implementation activities in Urban LIFE are therefore:

  • the role and impact of hierarchizing structures or locations in the spatial organization, e.g. Airport, Railway Station, Infrastructure, Shopping Center,
  • agent-based modeling of the effect of spatial design on human activity or mobility, e.g. Street, rest area, public space,
  • the choice of residence in single-family housing estates or city periphery.

The work results are documentation, analyzes, reports, methods, model cases as well as indicators and criteria for the assessment and control of urbanization. These results lead to possible recommendations for action, strategies and measures for urban transformation and regeneration processes.