Selected Activities and Joint Projects

From an operational and organizational perspective, the partners have united their forces to implement the objectives of “Smart Living”. They have identified the following as common core activities:

  • Ongoing strategic coordination at the executive level;
  • Active coordination of functioning networks;
  •   Coordination of R&D activities and in the development of R&D infrastructure;
  •   Workshops for researchers and members of industry;
  •   Initiation and implementation of joint R&D projects (e.g. Future Fund Styria, EU calls, The Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), and offers to businesses);
  •   Raising topic-specific awareness; and
  • Joint training and continuing education programs.

Annual work programs and activity reports as well as quarterly strategic planning group meetings are also central to the project.

A series of workshops was held in 2013 for members of industry and researchers who specialize in the relevant subject areas. The goal of these workshops was to discuss common issues and project opportunities that fall within the thematic areas of “Smart Living”.