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Light and Integration Laboratory

Spektral-Goniometer, Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/Schwarzl

Light and Integration Laboratory

In the new Light and Integration Laboratory in Pinkafeld, a modern research infrastructure is available for cooperation with industrial partners: In addition to the light measurement technology and micro-assembly listed below, a closely networked laboratory with first-class electronic measurement technology is also available at the site. The possibilities are completed by competent employees and professional software for integrated optical and electronic design.


  • Array spectroradiometers for both weak light sources and high radiation intensities from 300 nm to 1100 nm.
  • Radiometric or photometric measurements and colorimetric characterization of all types of light sources
  • Goniophotometer for test objects up to 1.3 m and a measuring distance of 12 m for angle-dependent determination of photometric parameters with export to Excel, IES and Eulumdat
  • Integrating sphere with 1000 mm for determining the luminous flux in 2π and 4π configurations
  • Mobile luminance and colorimetry cameras for screens and homogeneously illuminated surfaces
  • Evaluation of displays based on LEDs, OLEDs or µLEDS
  • Optical probes, remote controlled current and voltage sources, power meters, temperature meters and a dry storage cabinet
  • Handheld spectrometer for measuring flicker, blue light hazard, illuminance and human centric lighting
  • Light microscopic examinations
  • Software-controlled micro-assembly system with motorized Z-axis and flip-chip camera for placement accuracy up to ±1 µm
  • Flip-Chip bonding by means of soldering, gluing or ultrasonic
  • Stamping and dispensing of solder pastes, adhesives e.g. conductive on substrates
  • Rapid prototyping with 3D printer
  • Universal soldering, desoldering and repair station with hot air
  • Inert and forming gas reflow soldering oven up to 450° C and for brazing processes under vacuum
  • Vapor phase soldering system for oxygen-free reflow processes without overheating


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