European Commission visits Weiz

On April 17, 2023, Project Adviser Susana Xará visited our MATERIALS Institute in Weiz as part of the H2020 project NextGenMicrofluidics, coordinated by us.

European Commission visits Weiz
Martin Smolka, Susana Xará, Anja Haase, Jan Hesse (l-r) in front of the roll-to-roll nanoimprint plant of the MATERIALS Institute, Credit: MIH / April Jaucian-Oswald

The visit of Susana Xará (Project Adviser, Health and Digital Executive Agency of the European Commission) at our MATERIALS Institute in Weiz was an important milestone for the Open Innovation Test Bed (OITB)-project NextGenMicrofluidics (NGM).

The focus of the visit was the demonstration of our pilot lines for roll-to-roll imprinting, roll-to-roll lamination and roll-to-roll microarray spotting and the associated production processes for film-based microfluidic chips (lab-on-a-foil).

Susana Xará, Pakapreud Khumwan, Anja Hasse, Jan Hesse (l-r) in front of our microarray spotter at the Institute MATERIALS Credit: MIH / April Jaucian-Oswald

In addition, project highlights, key challenges and plans for future R&D activities based on the OITB technology were presented and discussed.

Within the framework of the NGM project, a sustainable provider for open innovation is being established that combines the competencies of the consortium of economic and scientific partners and offers customers, usually companies from start-ups to large-scale industry, services for the development, series transition, and production of innovative and cost-effective microfluidic systems, for example for medical diagnostics or biomedical research.

To facilitate access to these novel technologies and their implementation in products, the consortium is also currently offering a call (open call) for the implementation of development projects.

On the following April 18, 2023, the second review meeting (RP2) of the NGM project took place in a hybrid form with the participation of Susana Xará and the reviewer Prof. Sabine Schintke. Together with the project consortium, significant progress was discussed to ensure that we remain on track to achieve our project goals.

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