Hola España - Research stay in Spain

Nihan Atak, a research assistant at the MATERIALS Institute, is currently completing a two-month research stay at one of our project partners in Spain.

Hola España - Research stay in Spain
Nihan Atak, credit: Tecnalia

As part of the OITB-project NextGenMicrofluidics (NGM), Nihan Atak (research group Sensors and Functional Printing) is staying at the laboratory facilities of our project partner Tecnalia (Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation) from April to May 2023.

Our expert for producing microfluidic chips is currently testing the chips she developed and produced at our site in Weiz. In Tecnalia's cell culture labs, Nihan is cultivating nerve cells in these chips - with the aim of better understanding the behaviour of these cells.

These chips will later be used to test how drugs work at the cell level. Her stay will help improve the chip design along the way.

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