INNO4COV-19 supports the fast deployment of solutions to fight COVID-19 in 2 years

The €6.1 million project INNO4COV-19 is committed to supporting the commercialization of new products across Europe for combatting COVID-19 over the next two years.

INNO4COV-19 supports the fast deployment of solutions to fight COVID-19 in 2 years
Atmospheric pressure plasma deposition (credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH /Schwarzl)

Looking for the fast development of products - from medical technologies to surveillance solutions - the project will boost innovation to tackle the new coronavirus, reinforcing Europe's technological leadership, and invigorating an industrial sector capable of protecting citizens' safety and well-being.

Officially starting on October 1, the virtual kick-off took place on October 6-7, counting with the support of two European Commission officers.


JOANNEUM RESEARCH brings in key competences in the upscaled manufacturing of rapid tests and antiviral surfaces.

In the current pandemic crisis, COVID-19 tests are urgently and continuously needed in quantities of several millions per month to contain the virus and track the infection spread. These quantities demand for new manufacturing approaches. Within INNO4-COV JR offers Roll-to-Roll processes for high throughput manufacturing of polymer-based microfluidic chips that can be deployed for multiplexed, highly sensitive and specific COVID-19 rapid tests.

Roll-to-Roll plant (credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH / Bergmann)

Moreover, by using roll-to-roll atmospheric pressure plasma deposition, JR can produce polymer films with copper alloy based surface layers that have been proven to provide antiviral functionality and high wear resistance. Such anti-corrosive anti-viral polymer foils can be laminated to frequently touched surfaces to provide additional protection against infection, since especially in environments where many people come together with underlying health conditions or risks, e.g. in doctor’s offices, retirement homes, hospitals, but also in public transport vehicles, often touched surfaces represent potential sites for virus transmission.

The consortium

The 11-partner consortium led by INL - International Iberian Nanotechnology Laboratory, is looking for efficient and fast solutions that can help in the fight against COVID-19 jointly with the other actively involved industrial and RTO partners.

The project

The mission of INNO4COV-19 is to create a “lab-to-fab” platform and a collaboration resource where companies and reference laboratories will find the tools for developing and implementing innovative technologies - from idea assessment to market exploitation. This work will be carried out as part the European Union Coronavirus initiative and in strong collaboration with all the funded projects where to accelerate the time to market for any promising product.


INNO4COV-19 is set to assist up to 30 test cases and applications from several areas spanning from Medical technologies, Environmental Surveillance systems, Sensors, Protection of Healthcare workers and Artificial Intelligence and Data mining. To achieve this, INNO4COV-19 is awarding half of the budget to support 30 enterprises selected through a set number of open calls during the first year of the project.

The first call will be launched in November 2020 across several platforms

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Awardees will receive up to €100,000 each and benefit from the INNO4COV-19 consortium's technical, regulatory, and business expertise.

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