Li-Fi - communication with light

Franz-Peter Wenzl, expert in Smart Connected Lighting, presented the advantages of Li-Fi at the "Li-Fi: la connessione passa attraverso la luce" event organized by Friuli Innovazione.

Presentation slide about Visible Light Communication
Franz-Peter Wenzl presents the advantages of Li-Fi

Franz-Peter Wenzl was the keynote speaker at one of the first events in the Friuli region on Li-Fi, organized by Friuli Innovazione. In his talk, he presented the main aspects that make this technology unique:

With the digital interconnection between people, processes, data and objects - the Internet of Things (IoT) - the transmission of data becomes one of the most important daily challenges. The increasing number of devices accessing the Internet complicates the availability of fixed bandwidth as well as the use of high data transmission rates. Li-Fi uses light as a medium for data transmission and enables high-speed communication similar to Wi-Fi but has some advantages. By using visible light between 400 THz and 800 THz (electromagnetic spectrum between 780 nm and 375 nm), better bandwidth, efficiency, connectivity, security and high speeds are achieved. As an optical and wireless technology for data transmission, it can be used in schools, museums, hotels, hospitals and many other areas. Thus, these infrastructures can benefit from accelerated data transmission via Visual Light Communication.  Therefore, the market for this technology is expected to grow rapidly over the next few years.

Daniele Cozzi, President of Friuli Innovazione, is convinced that it is important that the Friuli region is ready to take advantage of the opportunities and benefits of Li-Fi. This is also reflected in the many expressions of interest from participating companies, hotels, institutions and museums.

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