PIK-AS Austria GmbH and MATERIALS - a cooperation from Burgenland

Smart Connected Lighting, a research group of MATERIALS, and PIK-AS Austria GmbH, both located in Southern Burgenland, have signed a strategic cooperation agreement

PIK-AS Austria GmbH and MATERIALS - a cooperation from Burgenland
DI(FH) Christina Polster and Dr. Andreas Weiss, Credit: JOANNEUM RESEARCH

Lighting technology is currently experiencing a paradigm shift from pure light sources to comprehensive smart lighting concepts using sensors, control, networking and communication. In southern Burgenland this expertise is provided among others by the Smart Connected Lighting research group.

Smart Connected Lighting

This research group of the MATERIALS Institute of JOANNEUM RESEARCH is focusing on connected and integrated lighting technologies with the application areas "Smart Farming", "Smart Cities", "Smart Buildings" and “Automotive”. The focus lies on the realization of comprehensive lighting concepts including sensor technology, control, networking and communication. With these future lighting systems it will therefore be possible not only to generate lighting scenarios in a targeted manner, but also to record or transmit a large number of data, which will be intelligently processed and evaluated.

PIK-AS Austria GmbH

PIK-AS Austria GmbH is an owner-managed company specializing in the development and distribution of electromechanical products such as power relays, power connectors and LED interior lighting for special vehicles. In four decades, the company from southern Burgenland has established as an industry-leading supplier and delivers to renowned global players.

Cooperation in Burgenland

Both companies have decided to strengthen the existing excellent cooperation in the coming years. With the signed general agreement, the successful cooperation from the past will be continued and intensified. In addition to the development services in the field of electronics agreed in the general agreement, joint projects beyond this are also planned.

"This general agreement will strengthen our already existing cooperation with PIK-AS", Dr. Andreas Weiss, research group leader of Smart Connected Lightning, is convinced.

He is pleased of having found in PIK-AS a partner from Burgenland with whom the research group will realize challenging development tasks.