PyzoFlex® sensors and the drying and poling system

The new drying and poling machine is used for printed sensors.

The new drying and polishing system is used for printed sensors.
Drying and polishing system, Photo: JOANNEUM RESEARCH/ Schwarzl

Recently the new, worldwide unique drying and poling machine for Pyzoflex® sensors of JOANNEUM RESEARCH at the Institut MATERIALS in Weiz has been put into operation. The drying and poling machine for piezo- and pyroelectric sensors printed on foils on a large area contributes to the quality testing and improvement of these sensors. 

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These are large-area, low-cost sensors that can be integrated on any curved and textured surfaces. PyzoFlex® sensors could be used in all areas of daily life and also in industrial environments, for example in consumer electronics, home automation and robotics.


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