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Products and Solutions


Sensor Development

We develop  industry-standard sensors along the complete measurement chain from the sensor to the user interface.


Laser Beam Diagnostics

We ensure the stability and security of your laser-assisted production processes laser-assisted machining“.



Materials Deposition Techniques

Structuring functional materials on various rigid or flexible surfaces.



Electronics and instrumentation development

    • Analog and digital circuit design with mixed-signal simulation
    • Electrical network and printed circuit board (PCB) layout design including 3D modeling 
    • FPGA and (embedded) microcontroller programming 
    • Compilation of production data for external contract manufacturing
    • Production of single-and double-sided circuit board prototypes (milled, galvanized (electroplated), solder resist, component label)
    • Manual assembly of high quality printed circuit boards
    • CAD-supported model and prototype production
    • Electronic measurement and test bench development using modern, certified measuring instruments
    • Programming of measurement controls and user interfaces including data collection and analysis


      Investigation of permeation events

      Characterization of high-performance barrier materials, for  O2 permeation (detection limit in the range of 10-5 to 10-6 cm3 / m2 day bar)