Additive Manufactured and Topology Optimized Passive Shimming Elements for Permanent Magnetic Systems

Publication from Materials

Christian Huber, Michael Goertler, Claas Abert, Florian Bruckner, Martin Groenefeld, Iulian Teliban, Dieter Suess

Scientific Reports 8, Article number: 14651, 10/2018


A method to create a highly homogeneous magnetic field by applying topology optimized, additively manufactured passive shimming elements is investigated. The topology optimization algorithm can calculate a suitable permanent and nonlinear soft magnetic design that fulfills the desired field properties. The permanent magnetic particles are bonded in a polyamide matrix and they are manufactured with a low-cost, end-user 3D printer. Stray field measurements and an inverse stray field simulation framework can determine printing and magnetization errors. The customized shimming elements are manufactured by a selective melting process which produces completely dense soft magnetic metal parts. The methodology is demonstrated on a simple example of two axial symmetric cylindrical magnets, which generates a high inhomogeneous magnetic field. In this case, the maximum magnetic field density is 25 mT and the the homogeneity can be increased by a factor of 35 or down to 6‰. Simulation and measurement results point out a good conformity. Additional topology optimizations of more than one shimming element layer show the opportunity to make the manufactured magnetic system even more homogeneous.