Additive Manufactured Polymer-Bonded Isotropic NdFeB Magnets by Stereolithography and Their Comparison to Fused Filament Fabricated and Selective Laser Sintered Magnets

Publication from Materials
Laser- und Plasma-Technologien

C. Huber, G. Mitteramskogler, M. Goertler, I. Teliban, M. Groenefeld, D. Suess

Materials 13(8), 1916;, 2020


Magnetic isotropic NdFeB powder with a spherical morphology is used to 3D print magnets by stereolithography (SLA). Complex magnets with small feature sizes in a superior surface quality can be printed with SLA. The magnetic properties of the 3D printed bonded magnets are investigated and compared with magnets manufactured by fused filament fabrication (FFF), and selective laser sintering (SLS). All methods use the same hard magnetic isotropic NdFeB powder material. FFF and SLA use a polymer matrix material as binder, SLS sinters the powder directly. SLA can print magnets with a remanence of 388 mT and a coercivity of 0.923 T. A complex magnetic design for speed wheel sensing applications is presented and printed with all methods.

Keywords: magnets; photopolymerization; powder bed fusion; material extrusion; NdFeB