Adhesion Improvement of PVD Coatings by Plasma Treatment with Linear Anode Layer Ion Sources

Publication from Materials

Lackner J.M., Waldhauser W., Schwarz M., Mahoney L., Burtner D.

Proc. 50th Annual Technical Conference - Society of Vacuum Coaters, Louisville (Kentucky), 28.Apr.-3.May, 2007


The pre-treatment of workpiece surfaces is decisive for improved adhesion of tribological, decorative, sensor, biocompatible, etc. coatings subsequently deposited by vacuum coating techniques. Most current industrial techniques (mainly glow discharges) don’t meet the requirements for activating temperature-sensitive and electrically insulating materials. Gridless plasma and ion sources – like the linear anode layer ion source used in this work – are an excellent alternative due to their low investment and operating costs and scalability to many industrial applications. The appreciable increase of adhesion by anode layer source plasma pre-treatment and the effects of ion energy and dose are shown for magnetron sputtered titanium nitride coatings on AISI D2 tool steels at room temperature.

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