Aluminum-nanodisc-induced collective lattice resonances: Controlling the light extraction in organic light emitting diodes

Publication from Materials

M. Auer-Berger, V. Tretnak, F. P. Wenzl , J. R. Krenn, E. J. W. List-Kratochvil

Applied Physics Letters Volume 111, Issue 17, 10/2017


We examine aluminum-nanodisc-induced collective lattice resonances as a means to enhance the efficiency of organic light emitting diodes. Thus, nanodisc arrays were embedded in the hole transporting layer of a solution-processed phosphorescent organic blue-light emitting diode. Through extinction spectroscopy, we confirm the emergence of array-induced collective lattice resonances within the organic light emitting diode. Through finite-difference time domain simulations, we show that the collective lattice resonances yield an enhancement of the electric field intensity within the emissive layer. The effectiveness for improving the light generation and light outcoupling is demonstrated by electro-optical characterization, realizing a gain in a current efficiency of 35%.

The authors gratefully acknowledge the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG) and the Austrian Climate and Energy Funds for funding this work under the project “PlasmOLED”