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Scientific publication

"Cellulose derivative based gate dielectric for high performance organic complementary inverters; Advanced Materials 2015 "

Publication from Materials

Petritz A., Wolfberger A., Fian A., Griesser T., Irimia-Vladu M., Stadlober, B.

Advanced Materials, DOI:10.1002/adma.201404627 , 4/2015


An ultra-thin natural-source-based cellulose derivate is used in a bilayer gate dielectric for organic complementary inverters. Extraordinarily high small-signal gains up to 1600, a very sharp transition region (as low as 40 mV), a full rail-to-rail swing, a balanced noise margin of 92.5%, and “long-time” stability are shown, revealing that these inverters are highly suitable for complex circuit designs.