Design and Characterization of Dicyanovinyl Reactive Dyes for the Colorimetric Detection of Thiols and Biogenic Amines

Publication from Materials

Tinkara Mastnak, Aleksandra Lobnik, Gerhard J. Mohr, Matejka Turel

Sensors 18, 814, 3/2018


The synthesis of two new azobenzene dyes, namely CR-528 and CR-555, and their spectral properties in ethanol solution are described. The recognition of sulfur-containing analytes (2-mercaptoethanol (2-ME), sodium hydrosulfide (NaHS)), and biogenic amines (spermine, spermidine, ethanolamine) bestowed significant spectral changes with color changes from pink/purple to pale yellow/orange-yellow. The nitro acceptor group in the dicyanovinyl reactive dye contributes to higher sensitivity and lower detected analyte concentrations. The absorption maxima of both the dyes are at wavelengths compatible with low-cost light sources and detectors, making them excellent candidates for optical probes that are economic, simple to use, and do not require well-trained personnel