Imaging nanowire plasmon modes with two-photon polymerization

Publication from Materials

C. Gruber, A. Hirzer, V. Schmidt, A. Trügler, U. Hohenester, H. Ditlbacher, A. Hohenau, J. R. Krenn

Appl. Phys. Lett. 106, 081101 , 2/2015


Metal nanowires sustain propagating surface plasmons that are strongly confined to the wire surface. Plasmon reflection at the wire end faces and interference lead to standing plasmon modes. We demonstrate that these modes can be imaged via two-photon (plasmon) polymerization of a thin film resist covering the wires and subsequent electron microscopy. Thereby, the plasmon wavelength and the phase shift of the nanowire mode picked up upon reflection can be directly retrieved. In general terms, polymerization imaging is a promising tool for the imaging of propagating plasmon modes from the nano- to micro-scale.