In vitro hemocompatibility on thin ceramic and hydrogel films deposited on polymer substrate performed in arterial flow conditions

Publication from Materials

Major R., Trembecka-Wójciga K., Kot M., Lackner J.M., Wilczek P., Major B.

Materials Science and Engineering C, 61, pp. 15-22 , 4/2016


Hydrogel coatings were stabilized by titanium carbonitride a-C:H:Ti:N buffer layers deposited directly onto the polyurethane (PU) substrate beneath a final hydrogel coating. Coatings of a-C:H:Ti:N were deposited using a hybrid method of pulsed laser deposition (PLD) and magnetron sputtering (MS) under high vacuum conditions. The influence of the buffer a-C:H:Ti:N layer on the hydrogel coating was analysed by means of a multi-scale microstructure study. Mechanical tests were performed at an indentation load of 5 mN using Berkovich indenter geometry. Haemocompatible analyses were performed in vitro using a blood flow simulator. The blood-material interaction was analysed under dynamic conditions. The coating fabrication procedure improved the coating stability due to the deposition of the amorphous titanium carbonitride buffer layer.