Laser deposition welds with high heat conductivity for thermal management applications

Publication from Materials

Ernst G., Kerschbaumer M., Polding G., Eidenhammer M.

Proc. 20th International Conference on Surface Modification Technologies (SMT), pp. 18-22, Vienna, 25.-29. Sep., 2006


Laser deposition welds made of materials with high heat conductivity offer new possibilities for conformal cooling applications in tooling. The alloys are welded to the surface of a tool and covered with a layer of steel to give the necessary durability of the surface. The aim is to homogenise the temperature distribution along the surface and facilitate cooling while retaining a durable surface made of steel. As part of this work, different materials based on copper were welded and their heat conductivity measured in the as-welded condition. As results heat conductivities between 150 and up to 200 W/mK were achieved. Subsequently a sandwich structure made from steel and copper was generated and heat distribution on the surface was measured. Also a near net shaped part made of two dissimilar materials was generated by laser deposition welding.

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